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RV Insurance

Your RV is more than just a vehicle; it is your home away from home. You can visit the Grand Canyon or explore Sedona without worrying about finding a comfortable hotel. In addition to maintenance, you need to make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your RV. For RV owners in AZ, Arizona Advantage Insurance Specialists are ready to help you understand and get the insurance you need to protect your RV investment.

What RV insurance do you need in AZ?

If your RV is ever on the road, you must meet minimum auto liability insurance requirements in Arizona. If your RV is delivered and parked permanently, it might not be considered a motor vehicle. If your RV is only towable, it is likely covered by your auto insurance policy. However, you should check to make sure.

Basically, if your RV has a motor and you drive it, you must carry the minimum in bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Keep in mind that minimum insurance is just that, it may not provide you with enough financial protection. It will not give you the protection for the investment you have in your home on wheels. Because your RV is a home, you should cover it for the value it gives you and cover your personal property inside. Do understand that if you are financing your RV in Arizona, or renting one, you would likely have higher insurance requirements.

You really should work with an independent agency, like Arizona Advantage Insurance Specialists, when it comes to covering your RV. We will compare rates from all major insurance providers to get you the best rates. Our agents will always be there for you to answer questions. You do not have to go through a large corporation that does not understand your unique needs. We even make it easy to compare auto and home insurance rates online for added convenience.